Saturday, April 4, 2009

1 month

So we have officially been in Luoyang for a month as of yesterday.  Me and Chrissy decided to celebrate our 1 month anniversary by going to a western restaurant called New Paradise, which is about 20 mins from our apartment.  The last month seems to have flown by.  It is hard to remember everything that has happened but it was filled with firsts.  The first time I have ever attempted to wash my clothes in the sink, the first time I have had to wash my waste down with a bucket,  the first time I have been in cold weather longer than a couple days,  the first time I have taken classes to learn Chinese, the first time I have felt like a celebrity when walking down the street just because I am white, the first time I have ever been away from home this long consistently,  the first time my house actually smells like China,  and the second time I have fallen in love with the kids.  

Everyday seems to bring new adventures and I am excited to learn more Chinese so that I can be able to communicate with the kids on a deeper level.  I have never been one to paint my fingernails or enjoy KFC, but when I am with the kids I would gladly enjoy a piece of chicken from KFC with my pink,green and sparkly fingernails because nothing compares to seeing their smiles and receiving a hug.  

Ephesians 3:20-21

In Christ,



Sammye said...

This is Sammye, Michael and Mikey's friend from Tennessee. I also am in love with the kids and have been since my trip 2 years ago. I envy your ability to be able to be there with them and that you can really love them well. Bless you for giving this time in your life to let these very special children learn how valuable they are. I pray for you both and all that happens within the Orphanage. I know it is a place of God's special favor.

PSG said...

Congratulations on 1 month. I miss you, think of you often, and am praying for you!

AJ said...

I found you!! There you were big and bold on BCSs Panther Press! SO now I'm getting your feeds. I kept waiting on your emails. Been praying for you. Can you bring one of those kids home for me? Love ya.

AJ said...

Oh, AJ is Jenny K.!:)hahah

Sarah said...

Hi Julee,
So glad to read that you are doing so well. Are you able to put pictures on here?
Hope everyday is a blessing.