Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hey everyone, 

There have been some recent changes that have occurred at the orphanage within the last couple weeks that has greatly affected many of the kids that we work with.  Please be praying for safety for the kids and guidance in how to handle the situation.  Thank you for your prayers and support!!  



Anonymous said...


I sent this message also to Chrissy.

We are Greg and Tina Bruner, we should be traveling to Luoyang in a couple weeks to adopt Sierra an 11 year old there at the orphanage, we just received our travel approval. Would you mind taking a minute to find Sierra and tell her how much we love her and can't wait to meet her. Please help her to understand what adoption is and that once we bring her home her life will be stable and no one will take her away and we will NEVER leave her. Sometimes the kids think they are just going into foster care and that their adoptive families are not their forever families.

I know about the issues at the orphanage right now and am praying daily for the children. I hope to meet you when we get there.

Sierra has a photo album of our family I made and sent her, maybe she can share that with you. We have a 21 and a 17 year old biological sons and Lily who is turning 6 on June 18th, adopted from China when she was 8 months old.

Here is my blog: tinasworld.wordpress.com

Blessings to you and our prayers are with you daily.

Tina Bruner said...


My email address is: tbruner@olivet.edu