Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hey everyone,

So a lot has happened over the last 2 months.  First let me apologize to everyone who has been waiting for updates.  China has blocked blogger and it has made it much more difficult for me to update.  So as most of you already know it seems that God has closed the door to continue working in the Luoyang orphanage which has led to our move to Xi'an, China, where we are currently working with an awesome South African women named Amanda.  She currently houses and takes care of somewhere around 48 babies and young children under the age of 3, out of 2 different apartments.  I absolutely love it here!  I love hanging out with the babies and of course the older kids are a hoot.  There's nothing more precious than a sweet baby falling asleep in your arms!  

Thanks for all of your love and support,